API Release Notes for Build 6.1

The enhancements and modifications below are in beta build 6.1 of the TWS API. For clarification on any of the items listed, refer to the appropriate section in the User's Guide, or contact IB customer service.


Request Contract details

API client’s can now request contract details for a particular security. In addition to the general details such as ‘symbol/secType/expiry/strike/right/exchange/currency/localSymbol’ we also return the following :

marketName - The market name for this contract.

tradingClass - The trading class name for this contract.

conid - The unique contract ID.

minTick - The minimum price tick.

multiplier - The order size multiplier.

orderTypes - A list of order types for this contract.

validExchanges – A list of exchanges this contract is traded on.

The new ActiveX API methods are reqContractDetails( ) and reqContractDetails2( ) where the latter uses the localSymbol. The new ActiveX event is contractDetails( ) .

The new socket method is reqContractDetails( ) and event is contractDetails( ).

The DDE client now has a new topic ‘contract’ and associated request types ‘marketName’, ‘tradingClass’, ‘conid’, ‘minTick’, ‘multiplier’, ‘orderTypes’, ‘validExchanges’.

ISE Block, Sweep-to-fill, Iceberg, Bracket and Auto Trailing Stop orders

Using the new order attributes, ‘parentId/blockOrder/sweepToFill/displaySize/ triggerMethod/ignoreRth’, the above order types are now supported.

parentId - The order Id of the parent order, used for bracket and auto trailing stop orders.

blockOrder - Set if this is an ISE Block order.

sweepToFill - Set if this is a Sweep-to-Fill order.

displaySize - The publicly disclosed order size, used when placing Iceberg orders.

triggerMethod - Specifies how Simulated Stop, Stop-Limit,and Trailing Stop orders are triggered.

ignoreRth - Set to allow triggering or orders outside of regular trading hours.

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