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Submitting a Tax Correction Form

You can submit a Tax Correction Form. Use this form to request changes or report problems with one of the tax statements (1099, 1042, T3/T5, etc). By submitting this special form instead of submitting a normal inquiry ticket, you will help us process your requested corrections as quickly as possible.

To submit a Tax Reporting Correction Form

  1. Click Support.

  1. Click Tax Form Correction.

The Tax Correction Form opens.

Note: You can also access the Tax Correction Form by clicking the Compose button in the Message Center.

  1. Select the tax year for which you wish to report a correction from tax year list.
  2. Select your taxpayer status from the drop-down:

All available tax forms for your selected taxpayer status display in the Type of Correction section.

  1. Optionally, type the reason for the correction.
  2. Click the tax form you want to correct. The section expands to display the parts of the selected tax form that can be corrected.

  1. Make your corrections to the tax form.
  2. When you are finished correcting tax forms, click Submit.