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Create a New Linked Account

This page lets you create new accounts that are linked to your account. New linked accounts have the following characteristics:

To create and link to an additional account

  1. Click Settings >Account Settings and find the configuration panel to the right of the screen.
  1. Click the configuration (gear) icon to open the Create, Move, Link or Partition an Account page.
  2. Click the Create New Individual, Joint or IRA Account that will be Linked to my Existing Account Under a Single Username and Password radio button and click Continue.
  3. On the next screen, select the customer type and use the toggle button to select if your account will be an IRA.
  4. Complete the account application for the new account.

If for any reason you must log out of the new account application, you can finish it later and complete the linking process. You must either complete the new account application or delete it before you can create and link another account.

To de-link a linked account, you must close the linked account. Select Close an Account in the Settings > Account Settings menu to close the linked account.

When the new account is activated and open, it will be linked to your original account. You will be able to log into Account Management and any of our trading platforms with a single username. In Account Management, you can switch between accounts using the Account ID display at the bottom left of the screen.