Advisor Portal

The Advisor Portal and the Customer Relationship Management Dashboard (CRM) allows Advisors to easily store and view information about all of their contacts, including clients, prospects, former clients and other personal and professional relationships. The database-driven CRM is a convenient way for Advisors to view all current clients, prospective clients and other contacts from a single screen in The Advisor Portal, and to turn a prospect into a client. You can easily navigate within the Advisor Portal to manage existing client accounts. Every record in CRM is considered a "contact" and you can designate contacts as being of a certain type (prospects, clients, etc.).

CRM allows you to create and store emails, notes, tasks and documents for each contact. send bulk emails to multiple contacts and organize contacts into groups. We do not store or have access to your emails, notes and tasks; they are stored at Rackspace, a third-party cloud management solution provider.

Advisor Portal Home Page

From the Advisor Portal home dashboard, Advisors can:

Individual CRM Contacts

Use the sorting and searching methods on the CRM home page to find a specific contact, and then click the contact in the list to display that individual record.

Individual CRM contact records can include:

From an individual contact record, you can perform additional functions, including:

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