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Trade Confirmation Flex Queries

The Trade Confirms Flex page lets you create multiple, customized report templates for trade confirmations. A trade confirmation Flex Query lets you specify the exact fields you want to view in your report, the time period you want the report to cover, the order in which you want the fields to appear in the report, and the display format for the report.

You can create multiple Flex Queries with different fields for each query. All of your Flex queries are stored in Account Management. You can also add a default Flex Query, then use it as the basis for your own by editing it.

The Flex Queries page lets you create a new flex query or edit an existing Flex Query. Existing Flex Queries are displayed in the Saved Flex Queries section of the page. You can also edit the default Flex Query to use it as the basis for your own Flex Query.

Saved Flex Queries are available for the four previous calendar years and from the start of the current calendar year.

To create a trade confirmation flex query

  1. Click Reports > Trade Confirmations > Flex Queries.

  1. Do any of the following:

  1. If you clicked Create New Flex Query, a new page appears on which you create your new Flex Query.

If you have a multiple account structure such as an institution account or multiple linked accounts, use the Account Selector at the top of the page to select one or more accounts on which to report. To include accounts that you have recently closed, select the Include Closed Accounts check box. If you choose to include closed accounts, those accounts appear in the Account Selector.

  1. Make selections and set options in the Configuration sections as follows:

  1. In the Trade Confirmation Configuration section, Select the fields to include in the Flex Query in by highlighting the fields in the Fields Available list, then using the green right arrow to move the fields to the Fields Included list. Use the green left arrow to move fields from the Fields Included list (and exclude the fields from the report).
  2. In the Trade Confirmation Configuration section, select your desired level of detail: Symbol Summary, Order or Execution. Execution is the default setting.
  3. Click Save Query.

The saved query will now appear in the list of saved queries on the Trade Confirmation Flex Queries page.

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