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Snapshot PDF Reports

The Snapshot is a one-page report that displays graphs and charts representing an account's return, Net Asset Value (NAV), asset allocation and distribution of returns. The Snapshot gives you a downloadable and printable summary of an account’s performance and is suitable for presentation to advisor and broker clients. Optionally, you can include a benchmark comparison to compare your own performance against an industry standard benchmark or your own custom benchmark.

To create and run a Snapshot PDF report in PortfolioAnalyst

  1. Click Reports > PortfolioAnalyst.

PortfolioAnalyst includes default Snapshot PDF reports. These are displayed on the Default Reports tab, which appears when you first open PortfolioAnalyst. Run these reports or any other in the list by clicking the PDF icon in the Snapshot column of the Default Reports tab.

  1. Click the Custom Reports tab. This tab lists all of your previously created and saved custom PortfolioAnalyst reports.

  2. If you are a Master account user responsible for client or sub accounts or you have multiple linked accounts, select one or more accounts in the Account Selector.

The report settings appear.

  1. Type the name of the new report in the Name field.
  2. If you are a Master account user, the Assign Synopsis button appears. Optionally, assign previously created synopses to the PortfolioAnalyst report:
  1. Select a time period:
  1. For Performance Measure, select Time Weighted Return or Money-Weighted Return.
  1. Select Snapshot as the Report Type.
  2. Choose how you want your account number to appear on your report in the Account Number Display section:
  1. If you are an Advisor, Money Manager, Broker, Proprietary Trading Group STL Account Master or you have multiple linked accounts and you have selected multiple accounts in the Account Selector, you have the option of created a consolidated Snapshot report for all of the selected accounts.
  1. Optionally, you can include a benchmark comparison in your Snapshot report. When you select the Snapshot radio button, the Select Benchmarks section appears.

Select up to three benchmarks from the list of Available benchmarks (including your own custom benchmarks) then click the right arrow button to move them into the Selected list. Select one or more benchmarks using the Ctrl+click keyboard combination. Move benchmarks out of the Selected list by selecting them then clicking the left arrow button.

  1. Click SAVE to save the report. Once you save a report, it will appear in the list of saved PDF reports.
  2. Click CANCEL to cancel the report.
  3. View the report by clicking the Run icon in the list of saved reports. Your report appears in a new window.

If there is a negative Net Asset Value during the time period you select for your Snapshot report, the report will not be generated.

The Snapshot includes the following sections:

The following example shows a typical Snapshot report.