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PortfolioAnalyst allows you to evaluate the performance of your portfolio by creating and saving reports based on a set of measurement criteria and optionally comparing their data to selected industry benchmarks. Once you create and save reports, you can run, edit or delete them.

Institutional account Master users (Advisor Masters, Broker Masters, Fund Investment Managers and Proprietary Trading Group Masters) can also create and save synopses, which are text-based cover letters that you can assign to PortfolioAnalyst reports.

PortfolioAnalyst lets you:

You can also create your own custom benchmarks and select them when creating a Snapshot or Detailed report.

Here is the PortfolioAnalyst main page:


PortfolioAnalyst currently includes the ability to view your portfolios and positions held at other institutions.

Institution accounts willl see an extra tabbed page for creating and managing synopses).