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Hedge Fund Marketplace

Customers who are Accredited Investors or Qualified Purchasers under SEC rules can view information about independent Hedge Funds available on the Hedge Fund Marketplace page.

Who is Eligible to Invest in Participating Hedge Funds?

Customers who are Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers.

If you are eligible to invest in participating Funds, you will have access to the Hedge Fund Marketplace in Account Management.

IRA accounts are not eligible to invest in participating Hedge Funds.

Required Minimums

Risks of Hedge Fund Investing

All potential Hedge Fund investors should be aware of the following:

Advisor Client Investments in Hedge Funds

Hedge funds can offer advisor clients who invest in their funds a discount on the hedge fund’s standard management fee to encourage investments by financial advisors and their clients. Funds may offer discounts of up to 1% of AUM and/or 5 % of profits. For details, see HFCIP Fees.

Advisors can invest in a hedge fund on behalf of an eligible client via the Dashboard.

To use the Hedge Fund Investor Site

  1. Log into Account Management.
  2. Click Investors' Marketplace > Search Services > Investing > Hedge Funds.

If you do not see the Hedge Fund Marketplace link in the menu, then you are not eligible to invest in participating Funds.

  1. All available Funds are displayed in a table. The name of the Fund is displayed and selectable; also displayed are annual rates of return for five years, amount of assets under management, the minimum investment required and a summary of the investment strategy. Each column is sortable and you can hover your mouse cursor over a column header for more information.

    Some Funds have public articles that they have uploaded; these Funds are marked with a document icon. Click the document icon to read the article.

Click the name of the Fund in which you are interested.

The next page displays a group of expanding and collapsing sections that represent the actions you can perform.

  1. Click a bar to expand that section, then follow instructions on the screen where applicable (not all items listed below will appear for all participating Funds):
  1. Click Main to return to the previous screen.