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Starting a Semi-Electronic Application

If you are an Advisor Master User or a Fund Investment Manager, you can add an account using a semi-electronic application. Fund Investment Managers can add fund accounts or separately-managed accounts (SMAs). For this type of application, you complete the application electronically, print out a paper copy for the client to sign, then send the signed application to us for processing. Fully Disclosed Brokers can also add clients using a semi-electronic application. See Adding a Fully Disclosed Broker Client Account for details.

To start a semi-electronic application

  1. Click Manage Clients > Create and Link Accounts > Create > New.

Fund Investment Managers click Manage Funds > Create > New.

  1. Advisors click Electronic Client Application for a Semi Electronic Application.
    Fund Investment Managers click Start Application for either a new Hedge Fund account or a separately managed Individual account.
  2. Select the type of client account you wish to open, then click Continue

The first page of the electronic registration system appears.

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the electronic application. Your progress during the process is displayed in the left pane, showing you the steps you have completed and the steps you have yet to complete.
  2. When you have completed the electronic application process, print the completed application and send it to your client for his or her signature.