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Set Up a Client Template with a Custom ID

Many Advisors and Fully Disclosed Brokers collect information from prospective clients on their own websites, and then send a client invitation to complete an electronic application from  Account Management. You can create a Client Account Template and add the template application link to your own website and include a custom ID that allows you to match the information in the client's application to the information that you've already collected on your website.

To set up a client template using a custom ID for client applications started on your own website

  1. Create a Client Account Template on the Manage Clients > Create and Link Accounts > Create > Client Account Templates page.
  2. Send yourself a fully electronic client application invitation:
  1. To use a custom ID, add the custom ID to the link to the client application by adding &externalID=XXXXXXX (where XXXXXXX is the custom ID) to the end of the link as shown below:

We will store the custom ID that you provide.

  1. We will return the custom ID field along with all the other client data collected in the client application to you as an XML schema via FTP delivery. The data is encrypted and you will have to provide a PGP key to access it.