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Adding a Fully Disclosed Broker Client Account

Fully Disclosed Brokers can add client accounts from their Broker master account.

To add a fully disclosed broker client account

  1. Click Manage Clients > Create and Link Accounts > Create > New.

The Broker Client Invitation page opens.

  1. Click Client Invitation to send an invitation to initiate a fully electronic application process for a client. The broker client will be able to select the type of account at the very beginning of his or her application.

You can also select Electronic Client Application to initiate a semi-electronic application. For this type of application, you complete the application electronically, print out a paper copy for the client to sign, then send the signed application to us for processing.

  1. Enter the name and email address of the applicant, then click Continue.
  2. If you have created and saved a client account template, select it from the Client Account Templates list. Client account templates include a selected fee methodology, so you don’t have to specify fees if you use a client account template. This field does not appear if you do not have any saved client account templates.
  3. Broker Master Users can assign one or more Account Representatives to a new client. An Account Representative is a person who manages the relationship between a broker and his or her client(s). Broker Master Users must first designate an account user as an Account Representative on the Manage Account > Access Rights > Users page.
  1. Click Continue. The Pending Items page opens.