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Transfer on Death

Use the Transfer on Death page to register one or more beneficiaries (called “TOD Beneficiaries”) to whom you want to directly pass your account assets upon your death without having to go through probate.  When you register a Transfer on Death beneficiary, the executor or administrator of your estate will only have to submit a Transfer on Death Beneficiary Distribution Form with a certified copy of the death certificate to ensure that your assets transfer to the beneficiary or beneficiaries that you have designated.

The following rules apply to Transfer on Death registration:

Some US states do not allow Transfer on Death registration or may have specific restrictions. You and your spouse should consult a legal and tax professional.

To register a Transfer on Death beneficiary

  1. Click Manage Account > Account Information > Transfer On Death.

  1. Select a beneficiary type to begin the registration process:
  2. Click Add Individual Beneficiary to register an individual person as a beneficiary.
  3. Click Add Entity Beneficiary to register an entity such as a trust, corporation or guardianship as a beneficiary.
  4. Enter information about the beneficiary in the fields on the next page:
  5. For an individual beneficiary, the Add Beneficiary page displays.

To update your marital status, click Manage Account > Account Information > Details.

  1. For an entity beneficiary, the Add Entity Beneficiary page displays.

  1. If you are registering only one beneficiary, enter 100 in the Percent of Ownership field to assign all of your assets to that person or entity. If you plan on registering additional beneficiaries, enter the appropriate percent amount of ownership for this beneficiary. The percent of ownership for all beneficiaries must equal 100.
  2. You must designate at least one and up to six Primary beneficiaries, and can designate one or more optional contingent or Secondary beneficiaries.

    In the Beneficiary Type field, select Primary to make this person or entity the primary beneficiary, or Secondary to make this person or entity a contingent beneficiary.
  3. If you are a non-U.S resident, you will be required to provide a copy of the national identification document that shows the identification number that you have provided. The document must include person's photograph and date of birth.

  4. Click Back.

The beneficiary whose information you just entered is displayed on the TOD Beneficiaries page.

  1. Specify what to do if any primary beneficiary predeceases the account owner by selecting one of the radio buttons on the TOD Beneficiaries page:
  1. Click Back.
  2. You will receive an email containing a confirmation number that must be entered to confirm your TOD beneficiary registration. Once you have entered the confirmation number, click Back.
  3. Click the Transfer on Death Agreement link. A prepopulated form displays. Read the agreement carefully, then print the form, sign it and send it to us.

    When we approve your request, your Transfer on Death beneficiary registration will be complete.

You are also required to send us a new signed Transfer on Death Agreement anytime you modify or remove TOD beneficiaries. To do this, see Removing or Modifying a TOD Beneficiary.