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Trading permissions specify the products you can trade where you can trade them. You use the Permissions page to view or modify existing trade permissions or subscribe to new permissions. When specifying permissions, you will be asked to sign any risk disclosures required by local regulatory authority.

The Permissions page is available in PDF format for advisor clients.

To set trading permissions

  1. Click Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Permissions. The Trading Permissions page appears by default.
  1. If you have a master account, use the Account Selector to search for client or sub accounts by Account ID, Account Title or Account Alias, then click the desired account to view the pending items or requests for that account.
  2. In the Trading Programs section of the page, sign up for a trading program

  1. The Trading Permissions section of the page lists all of the products you can trade and the countries in which you can trade them. Currently approved products are shown in green and products with pending approval are shown in pink.

Note: Clients who are eligible to trade CFDs and Forex CFDs (all clients except residents of the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia), will also see those products displayed.

To modify your trading permissions, click the check box for the product you wish to trade in the country or countries in which you wish to trade them.

  1. Click Continue.

The Financial Information page opens.

  1. Review your investment objectives, investment experience and financial information, then click Continue.

Some products require specific investment experience, which you can also modify on this page.

  1. Depending on the products that you have requested permission to trade, you are prompted to sign a risk disclosure, as required by law. Complete the online Disclosure Form(s) by typing your name in the Signature field, then click Continue.
  2. Click the link(s) to read the complete agreements and/or disclosures, then click the Accept radio button to acknowledge your acceptance of the terms of the agreements and disclosures and click Continue.

A Final Acknowledgments/Confirmation page opens, listing your current and requested trading permissions and the current status of each. If approved, your trading permissions will be listed with a status of Approved.

Trading permission upgrade requests received by 11:00 AM ET on a business day will be reviewed by the next business day under normal circumstances.