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SLS Opt Out

The SLS Opt Out page lets you opt out of our Secure Login System.

While our Secure Login System is, in most instances, voluntary, we strongly recommend that each user on an account participate. In addition to the enhanced protection, participation offers benefits such as increased daily and weekly withdrawal limits as well as immediate and straight-through processing of your account information updates. Moreover, account owners who elect not to participate are required to execute an opt out agreement through which full responsibility for losses associated with theft or misuse of login information is assumed.

We offer a partial opt-out only. Once you partially opt out, a Secure Login device is required to log into Account Management only. You will be able to use your username and password without a security device to log into any of our trading platforms.

The SLS Opt Out page displays a complete list of users associated with your account on whose behalf you have the authority to opt out of the Secure Login System, along with the type of user and the current state of their enrollment in the Secure Login System. In the case of an individual account, only the account owner has the ability to opt out of the Secure Login System. For organizational accounts that may include multiple employee users, the decision to opt out of the Secure Login System rests with the owner user and any users who the owner has designated as a security officer and granted the permission to control user access rights.

Rules for Opting Out

You will not be allowed to request a partial opt out if any of the following conditions is true:

A user will be allowed to opt into the Secure Login System only if he or she has previously opted out.

To request that an account user opt out of the Secure Login System

  1. Click Manage Account > Security > Secure Login System > SLS Opt Out.
  2. Read the important information and rules about opting out.
  3. In the list of account users, do any of the following:

Radio buttons are grayed out (not available) if a user is ineligible for that option.

  1. Click Continue.