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Manage Account

This chapter describes how to configure you account using the different account- and user-level settings in the Manage Account menu.

This chapter includes the following topics:

  • Account Information - Modify personal information for individuals or entities associated with your account, modify your financial and regulatory information, update your W8 or W9 tax form, print a summary of your account details, view client accounts and invite clients to open accounts, and more.
  • Settings - Configure all settings for your account, including base currency, pricing structure, margin account upgrades, paper trading account, account aliases, white branding and more.
  • Trade Configuration - Access all trade-related configuration functions, including trading permissions, research and market data subscriptions.
  • Security - Configure security-related settings for your account, including your account password, IP restrictions, sign up to vote in our online polls, request or share a Secure Login Device, and more.
  • Access Rights - Add users and set their Account Management access rights, create user roles, and Security Officers can view account-level access rights and configure the number of authorizers.
  • Add or Link Accounts - Create new accounts that are linked to you account, link existing multiple IB accounts under a single username and password, or link your account to an Advisor- or Broker-managed account. Proprietary Trading Group Master Users (Pool account) and Single Hedge Funds can also add sub accounts for authorized traders to their organizations.
  • Research Services - Access research provider websites with your IB account email address to get additional services.
  • Money Manager - Advisors acting as Wealth Managers can shop for Money Managers at the Money Manager Marketplace and assign them to trade client accounts, while Money Managers can sell their trading expertise to Wealth Managers.

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