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Set Allocation Defaults

The default allocation refers to the allocation that will be used automatically when you create an order. You can modify the allocation on a per trade basis, and change the default allocations at any time.

To set default allocations

  1. On the Edit menu, select Global Configuration.
  2. On the Configuration screen, click Advisor in the left pane to expand that selection, then select Default Allocation.

  1. Select default settings, which are described below:

Note that once the order has been submitted and is working, the quantity of the working order may still change. For example, if an unrelated fill results in one or more of the accounts no longer being able to support the allocation, the order size will be reduced by that quantity. In an opposite scenario, if an account whose allocation was deactivated can now support the allocation, a quantity that was deactivated during the initial order submission may be reactivated and submitted.