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Initial Funding for Client Accounts

The process of funding client accounts is the same as depositing funds into the master account. Fund deposits into client accounts can be made in a number of ways, including Wire, Check, ACATS, and so on. To prevent any delays in an account's funding, it is important that your clients complete the funding information portion of application. In addition, it is important for both you and your client to understand the credit periods for deposits as this will determine when you will be able to start trading. The credit period varies based on the deposit method. For example, checks require seven business days after they are deposited, while a wire transfer may be credited as quickly as the same day.

While IBKR does not require that a client set up banking instructions at this time, we recommend that advisors encourage their clients to do so. This will help prevent any potential future delays when clients want to withdraw funds. Once banking instructions have been created in Advisor Portal, advisors can use them to process withdrawals on the client’s behalf.

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