API Beta Release Notes

Use with TWS version 966 or greater.

Get Futures Open Interest via API

Effective with TWS version 965.1b and above, you can now receive Open Interest data for Futures via the API by sending reqMktData() and including “588” in the genericTickList parameter. Through the tickSize() callback, the futures open interest will be returned in tick type 86.

Please refer to the API Documentation for more details:


Request Contract Details relays Underlying Contract Info

The function IBApi::EClient::reqContractDetails can now be used to identify the following details of the underlying contract.

  • UnderlyingSymbol = The symbol of the underlying contract.
  • UnderlyingSecType = The security type of the underlying contract
  • UnderlyingIssuer = The legal entity for the underlying contract.

They are returned to IBAPI::EWrapper::contractDetails

RTD Server

Use the RTD Server dynamic link library to request market data from TWS via the API using an Excel spreadsheet. Enter the following forumul into Excel spreadsheet cell:

=RTD (ProgID, Server, String1, String2, ...)


  • ProgID is Tws.TwsRtdServerCtrl
  • Server is empty.
  • String1, String2...is a list of strings that represent the ticker, host/port and topics.

For example, with the first string (String1) representing a ticker in simple syntax and String2 is the bid size:

=RTD ("Tws.TwsRtdServerCtrl", , "IBM@ISLAND", "BidSize")


The Linux/Mac C++ sample has been fixed.