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Web API Latest Release Notes

Updated June 2020

Hash Id: ed4af2592e9dd4a784d5403843bd18292fd441ea

  • GET /iserver/marketdata/{conId}/unsubscribe: The endpoint allows the ability to cancel market data for specified conId.
  • GET /trsv/stocks: Support has been added to relay back payload for multiple companies who use the same stock symbol.
    Example: A: [{name: "AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC"...}, {name: "AGRONOMIA SPA"...}, {name: "ARMOR MINERALS INC"...}]
  • GET /iserver/marketdata/history: Payload response now supports mdAvailability S = Streaming, whereby streaming allows up to 5 concurrent requests. 
  • POST /iserver/secdef/search: Endpoint has been updated to relay back description = exchange in the payload response.
  • POST /tickle: We have added the payload response to also relay back iserver/auth/status.
  • Fixes: GET /trsv/stocks search by symbol with spacing updated to relay back exchange.

May 2020

Hash Id: 47d42bed8f3a0a15453dcd10d9accceaf5ece3c1

  • May 4: Beta Gateway updated to Latest: With this update legacy /v1/portal or /v1/api can be used to communicate to api.ibkr.com.

April 2020

Hash Id: 859e4e09dd2c1de16ab7333574f08bc46a205960

  • New api.ibkr.com infrastructure: To improve stability the new domain api.ibkr.com has been created exclusively for traffic for Web API users.
  • POST /trsrvr/secdef support { symbols: [] }:  Endpoint has been updated to supports payload with multiple symbol request(s). Example: { symbols: [FB, BABA, MSFT] }