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Chaikin Analytics


Chaikin Analytics on Interactive Brokers

To subscribe to Chaikin Analytics, log in to Client Portal, then select Menu - Settings - User Settings - Research Subscriptions (Configure Gear icon) - Current Subscriptions (Configure Gear icon)

Chaikin Analytics provides groundbreaking research tools to help identify potential stock and ETF investments ahead of market shifts.

Market Insights:

Everything you need for the upcoming week, and so much more!
Each week, stock market expert, Marc Chaikin analyzes market conditions, including what happened in the market over the past week, what Marc anticipates in the coming week, and what subscribers should do next week. No more searching! Get Bullish and Bearish stock ideas delivered with Marc’s Market Insights newsletter. Market Insights is typically delivered on Sunday afternoons.

Morning Insights:

Daily Analysis of markets and trends
On a daily basis our Chief Market Strategist, Dan Russo CMT guides subscribers through market conditions including the SP 500 support and resistance areas, sector analysis and rotation, top down analysis, thematic trends and what transpired over the previous day. Subscribers also receive a stock of the day idea and Dan’s commentary based on the Power Gauge and the technical set up of the stock. Morning Insights is delivered daily typically before 9AM.

Market Survival Guide:
Each week, with the Market Survival Guide, subscribers can access an action plan for how to SURVIVE and THRIVE in the current market conditions. When the market is going up, subscribers will know where to look for potential trade ideas. When the market is tanking, subscribers may learn how to preserve wealth, avoid landmines, and reduce risk. In addition, each newsletter is packed with bullish and bearish trade ideas with the greatest odds for success. Not only will these investment opportunities be hand-selected by Dan Russo, CMT, he will spell out his approach and how to find them.

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