TWS Beta - Release Notes

IBot is Getting Smarter!

We are making drastic changes to the artificial intelligence that powers IBot. Our first step in this series of improvements was to revamp IBot's user interface to make it easier to apply machine learning, based on how you interact with it. Other improvements to the interface include:

  • Better presentation of information. Key elements are easier to spot in the new design which uses the full screen instead of limiting commands to text bubbles.
  • You can now use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + 1 (Windows) or Cmd +1 (Mac) to invoke an action.
  • IBot's "next step" shortcut buttons are displayed vertically and are color-coded to help identify their function quickly ("Buy" buttons are blue, "Sell" buttons are red. All others are gray).
  • The open interface allows for larger text display and more space for helpful graphics like charts and tables.
  • When you enter a command, it now displays in the top right corner of IBot for easy reference.
  • See previous commands using the scroll bar along the right side of the interface, or use the "Up" arrow on your keyboard (Windows).

Try out this improved version of IBot from the Mosaic New Window drop down by selecting IBot (Beta) - type to trade.

IBot 2.0

Find out more about IBot.

Trading Tool Shortcuts in Mosaic Order Entry Panel

In TWS 966 we added the Adaptive Algo shortcut button to the Mosaic Order Entry panel. Now we've added a useful set of drop down shortcuts to the Option Chain button. These shortcuts open the selected tool with the current Instrument Type as the focus. Shortcuts include Option Chain, BookTrader, Market Depth, Strategy Builder, Fundamentals, Time & Sales and Alerts.


To quickly access any of the above tools from the Mosaic Order Entry Panel, click the "down" arrow on the Option Chain button and make your selection. When you select a tool, the button label changes to reflect your selection. Note that if you click the button title itself, you will open the named tool. You will only see the drop down list if you click the down arrow.