TWS Beta - Release Notes

IBot Incorporates IB Web Site Search Results

IBOT, TWS' natural language interface to trading, understands task-related requests and can perform many trading actions for you, like show your current P&L, creating an order, setting up charts and scanners and much more. Now we have integrated our web site search wth IBot to allow educational as well as task-based returns.

With this web site integration, IBot can answer such queries as "how do I fund my account?" and "How do I transfer funds?" by returning the top five best information links from IB's web site. Clicking a link will take you from the IBot interface to the selected page at

To use IBot, click the New Window drop down in Mosaic and select IBOT (beta) - type to trade. Enter a text request in the entry field, or click the microphone icon to speak the request into your PC's mic. To find out more, visit the IBot feature in focus page.

IBot Voice Recognition for TWS for Desktop

TWS for Desktop users can now use voice commands with IBot if a microphone is available. To use voice command, either click the microphone icon in the text entry box, or use the keyboard shortcut "ctrl + spacebar." When IBot is in listening mode, speak your command, which appears in text in the text entry box. To submit the verbal command, hit the space bar. To exit listening mode and cancel the command, press the ESC key.

Cloud Presets Applied in TWS for Mobile Orders

Order Presets in TWS are used to specify often-used default order parameters, such as order type, order quantity, time and force and much more. Effective with Beta version 965, these user-defined default values that you specify in the Presets section of Global Configuration will now be available through the Cloud for use in TWS for Mobile orders. When applicable, active presets will automatically be applied to orders submitted from TWS for Mobile.

At this time, presets can only be modified in the desktop version, but the ability to modify presets in TWS for Mobile will be offered soon. To find out more about defining presets, see the TWS Users' Guide.


  • IB Gateway "Simulated Trading" Message - Clients using the simulated trading version of the IB Gateway will no longer receive the simulated confirmation message every time a running session is reconnected. The message will only be presented when a user first logs in to the IB Gateway.