TWS Beta - Release Notes

IBot Can You Help Manage Your Account

IBot can now help you complete tasks that require log-in access to Account Management (AM). When you ask IBot about funding, reports, market data and other AM-related tasks, IBot recognizes these requests and opens the relevant AM page for you in your web browser. For example, to fund your account you could enter: “Fund my account” and IBot will open Account Management in your browser window to the correct page. IBot can put you where you need to be for many AM tasks, like depositing and withdrawing funds, viewing PortfolioAnalyst reports, accessing Activity Statements, and making changes to your market data subscriptions.

Some of the Account-Management related commands IBot can help with include:


  • withdraw funds from my account
  • Deposit funds
  • Deposit money
  • Deposit $1000
  • Transfer cash
  • wire

Trading Permissions

  • Update my trading permissions

Trade History

Depending on how far back you want to go with your trade history, IBot will determine whether to show you a list of your recent trades, bring you to the TWS Trades Activity window, or open the Trade Confirmations section of Account Management.

  • Recent trades
  • Trade confirmations
  • trade log
  • See my trade history
  • trade history
  • Previous trades
  • Show me this week's trades


  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Custom benchmarks

Activity Statements

  • Show my P&L history
  • account summary
  • MTM summary
  • Realized summary

Market Data

  • change market data subscriptions
  • subscribe of provider
  • Subscribe to live data for of symbol
  • Do I subscribe to live data for of symbol

To find out more about IBot, see the IBot feature page.

New Utilization Column in TWS

A new Short Selling column for stocks and ETFs, Utilization, is now available in TWS. This value, displayed as a percentage, is the ratio of “shares lent” to “shares available,” and illustrates the general level of demand for an asset. The Utilization percentage is calculated as:

Number of shares loaned (across all outstanding loans) ÷ number of shares available to loan (from lending agents)  

The utilization ratio provides insight into the potential value of shares you own, and may be especially useful to IB clients who participate in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program, or are considering doing so. Theoretically, the larger the Utilization percentage, the greater the demand for the asset.

To add the Utilization column, hold your mouse over an existing market data column and click the Insert Column popup. Scroll down to the Short Selling category and select Utilization.

Visit the Securities Financing page to find out about the benefits of lending shares you currently own via IB’s Stock Yield Enhancement Program.

IBot Takes Its Next Steps!

As we continue to enhance IBot's power for your benefit, you will start to notice that the "Next Step" actions you are offered after a command become more and more useful to you. IBot is keeping track of the most popular "next step" actions, and as it learns it will offer these to you at the top of the list to make your trading experience even more efficient.

For example, if you ask to see the price of AAPL, the current next steps might be Show Chart, Buy, Sell, Tell me more. After collecting data of most popular next steps following a price inquiry, the next steps might change to be Buy, Show Chart, Show Analyst Rating, Tell me more.

TipRanks Analyst Rankings in TWS Fundamentals

We now offer Tip Ranks fundamental analysis for U.S. stocks, available through new tabs in the Analyst Ratings (Summary) and Analyst Ratings (Details) windows. To access these features, right-click a U.S. stock and select Analytical Tools and then Company Fundamentals. In the Fundamentals blade next to the stock symbol, use the drop down list to select the Analyst Ratings (Summary) or Analyst Ratings (Details) window.

Risk Navigator

Risk Navigator

The Summary page now shows two tabs: Summary is the original view, and Coverage is the new Tip Ranks view. See the Analyst Consensus and its breakdown, the Analyst Price Target, and a list of analysts.

The Details page also shows two tabs: the original view in the Details tab, and Tip Ranks data in the Price Targets & News tab. See the Analyst Price Target along with New Sentiment Score, which shows the ratio of Bullish to Bearish news in the past week. Select a new headline to view the full article.