TWS Beta - Release Notes

Auto-Sychronized Watchlist Library

The new Watchlist Library provides effortless synchronization of your Watchlists across all platforms, ensuring you get the latest version whether you're logging into mobile, desktop, or Client Portal. There is no need to decide which lists to import or sync, as all of your lists are always available no matter where you are. And we've made it easier than ever for you to get started by offering a library of Watchlists to jump-start your trading. In cases where you've added a product on desktop that isn't yet supported on mobile or Client Portal, it's preserved and displayed correctly in all versions.

Watchlist Library

Implied Volatility and Futures Term Structure Updates

We recently switched to an improved calibration logic for the bid/ask implied volatility calculation, and to an improved calibrated IV in the 3D Volatility Surface web tool.

We've added several updates to the Futures Term Structure tool:

  • We have added the "Today Last Price" series in the term structure plot. This displayed by default. We also now offer the "Today Mark Price" series which is not shown by default but can be selected. Note that historical series are always based on the close price.
  • We have dadded the underlying/index price (when available) as the first node in the series. Optionally, you can also add values markers at the underlying/index price (when available) by selecting "Underlying" in the right-click context menu.
  • Now choose to display Price Change or Percentage Price Change (or "return") in the lower section of the window. Use the Config panel from the gear icon to choose.
  • We have also added incremental "differences" mode to the difference plot that let's you show both the "difference with respect to 'Last' series" and now "difference with respect to preceding series'.

We have also made minor UI improvement to the IB Risk Navigator display.