IBKR Mobile for Android Release Notes

Build 8.4.587

Monitor Trades Based on Your Opinion with EventTrader

You can trade your opinion on yes/no questions in EventTrader from TWS or Client Portal. IBKR Mobile allows you to see event contracts in your portfolio. Open the EventTrader web app by tapping an event contract in your portfolio.

Up to Version 8.4.541

Info Bar, Cryptocurrencies, Trade Worldwide, Improved Events Calendar, Cycle through Portfolio Values and more

Releases from 8.4.516 to 8.4.541 offer:

  • The Quote Info Bar, shown just below an asset's price in the Quote Details screen, uses icons to relay relevant additional information about the asset, such as higher than usual margin requirements, no Shortable inventory, additional trading permissions, and available market data subscriptions.
  • Limited support for submitted orders directly to an exchange: Watchlist assets entered in desktop TWS with directed exchange can be used in IBKR Mobile.
  • Support for SNFE futures.
  • Improved Events Calendar: Stay on top of current and upcoming economic and corporate events for companies around the globe. Use filters to view only companies in your portfolio and Watchlists, limit the events display to specific types, like corporate actions, corporate events, economic events, US IPOs, Econoday events and more.
  • Ability to trade popular cryptocurrencies via Paxos.
  • The Trade Worldwide actionable news feed released to IBKR Mobile.
  • Now you can cycle through the far-right portfolio column to see more data points. Tap the value in the last column to the right to cycle through Last Change%/Today’s P&L/Total P&L.
Build 8.4.420

Hot News; Physical Delivery of COMEX Gold Futures

Hot News: Hot News headlines provide updates on the most active symbols and tells you why these companies are on the move. Find Hot News headlines in the Quote Details identified with the red flag icon.

Physical Delivery of COMEX Gold Futures: IBKR has added support for physical delivery of the following precious metals futures on COMEX: Gold (GC), Micro-Gold (MGC), Silver (SI) and Micro-Silver (SI but set Multiplier=1000). Clients who trade these futures can now declare their intent to make or take delivery of the physical product rather than roll or auto-liquidate these positions. When the intent to take delivery is declared, delivery is made in the form of a registered warrant. This warrant allows clients to maintain their exposure to the product without needing to roll the associated future and incur trade costs. Declare you Intent to Receive and Request to Deliver using the Delivery Intent window in the Trade menu.

To find out more about the physical delivery of COMEX metals future, see the KB article.

Build 8.4.402

Trade Smarter with IB Algos

IB Algos: Now trade smarter with IB Algos on IBKR Mobile. Algos help automate trading to achieve the price, speed, and fill you define using the algo parameters. Choose algos using the Order Type list by tapping "Algos" at the bottom of list. Tap Learn More below the Basic|Algos toggle to find out more about all of our IB Algos.

Build 8.4.358

Find the News You Want to Read

Our improved news and research reader makes it easy to find the content you really want to read. Search by topic, symbol or keyword and save your search for future viewing. Use conditions (and) (or) (not) for more precise results. Personalized "My News" tab provides relevant reports and headlines based on your activity, and lets you add/remove topics as needed. We've also embedded TV and video just below the Search field for easy access.

Build 8.4.318

Roll Options; Refer a Friend

Roll Option Position: Now it's easy to roll your options positions using the new Roll Position button in the Position section of Quote Details. Additionally, the Exercise and Rollover tool in the Main Menu has an improved interface and sort functionality.

Refer a Friend: Invite your friends to open an IBKR account and get a $200 cash reward. Your friends can receive up to $1000 worth of IBKR stock. See details.

Build 8.4.308

Invest Responsibly with the Impact Dashboard

Responsible investing is easy with the new Impact Dashboard. Identify issues you support (like gender and racial equality) and oppose (like animal testing and greenhouse emissions) and the dashboard grades your portfolio to show which companies align with your principles. Roll options easily using the new Roll Position button in the Position section of Quote Details. The Exercise and Rollover tool is now in the Main Menu and has an improved interface and sort functionality.

Build 8.4.262 and Build 8.4.274/280

Trailing Stop Limit Orders, Arabic Language Translation, Redesigned Main Menu

Order Types: We continue to add support for mobile orders. Our latest update includes Trailing Stop Limit orders.

Additional Translations: We now support Arabic and Hebrew languages, and will continue to add to/enhance these translations.

Main Menu: We've completely re-imagined the Main menu to make navigation easier and more intuitive with key tools and services at your fingertips - no swiping required!

  • The Account window is easily accessed by tapping Account at the top of the menu.
  • Just below the Account widget, quick-tap icons give you access to Notifications, Alerts, and IBot FYIs.
  • We've shortened the menu to show all key tools with no swiping, and included a new series of expandable features with easy-tap icons just below to replace the long list of text commands.
Build 8.4.212-213 - May 19, 2020

Post Order Status Screen, Exit Strategy

Post Order Status Screen: When you submit an order, the Post Order Status screen appears and shows the current order status along with a set of next step action and information buttons. You can elect not to see the screen by unchecking it in Configuration.

Exit Strategy: Set up an exit strategy for an order using the Exit Strategy tool. You can define a bracket order to capture profit (Profit Taker) and help minimize loss (Stop Loss) using the Exit Strategy tool. Use one or both orders and mdify as needed. The Exit Strategy is available from the Post Order Status screen when valid, and also from Quote Details (when valid) for a current position.

Build 8.4.209 - May 14, 2020

Built-In Tax Optimizer

Use the built-in Tax Optimizer in IBKR Mobile to match closing trades to different open lots to change the cost basis for a trade. Because cost basis impacts the capital gains and losses for tax reporting, changing the lots that are used for closing transactions can potentially change what you owe or can deduct at tax time. Open the Tax Optimizer from the main menu. Currently not available to Canadian or Interactive Advisors clients.

Build 8.4.170 - February 26, 2020

TipRanks™ International Expansion, Simplified Order Ticket, Mobile Check Deposit

TipRanks International Expansion: TipRanks ratings have been expanded to include non-US stocks, with added coverage for over 6,700 Canadian and European companies. TipRanks evaluates recommendations by financial analysts and bloggers, and then ranks those recommendations based on historical accuracy and performance.

To view TipRanks Ratings and Sentimental Analysis, open Quote Details for a stock and expand Analyst Reports. Tap Show More, then select TipRanks Analyst Ratings or TipRanks Sentiments.

TipRanks Ratings and Sentiments are available across all of our trading platforms, including Desktop TWS, Client Portal, and IBKR Mobile for iOS.

Simplified Order Ticket: If you primarily use Limit and Market orders, you can speed up the order entry process with our new simplified order ticket. In the Order Ticket tap "Fewer Options" and we'll show you only what those fields and options you need to see. You can view hidden attributes at any time by tapping "Show More Options" at the bottom of the Order Ticket.

Mobile Check Deposit: Now you can deposit checks directly into your IBKR Account right from your phone!. From the IBKR Mobile Services menu, tap Banking to get started. Tap Deposit Check, enter the amount, then scan both sides of your endorsed check. Clients with multiple accounts will be prompted to select a specific account in the "Deposit to" drop-down box. Authentication via IBKR Mobile authentication (IB Key) is required when you submit the deposit. Once approved and processed, funds are deposited directly into your IBKR account. Use the Deposit History screen to track your deposits. Currently offered only for US clients. Only available for checks drawn on US banks.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) scores on ETFs and Mutual Funds: You can now view ESG scores on Funds and ETFs from the ESG section of the Quote Details screen.

Build 8.4.149 - December 15, 2019

Mobile Homepage and US Mutual Funds Scanners and Columns

Our new homepage consolidates key account, position and market updates - along with quick access to our "For You" notifications - all in one place. You can launch the relevant trading tool and view details from each tile. You can open the Homepage at any time from the menu. And coming soon, you'll be able to customize the layout to include tiles that are most useful to the the way you trade.

It's now even easier to find the mutual funds that best meet your investment style and criteria from the 12,000+ funds IBKR offers. Research and explore funds right in your Watchlist with our new mutual fund columns, or use the Market Scanner to define specific fund filters so you can compare your favorite funds to those with the same strategies, or find potentially better alternatives.

To add Mutual Fund columns to a Watchlist, from the "more" menu in the upper right corner of the Watchlist tap Manage Columns, then tap Add Columns from the bottom left. Scroll down to find Mutual Funds sections including Popular, Ratings & Strategy, Ratios & Statistics and Other, and tap a category to expand and see all available columns with detailed descriptions. Tap the "+" icon to add the column.

To add a new mutual funds scanner, select New Scanner from the menu, then tap New Scanner at the bottom right corner. Select US Mutual Funds as the instrument type, then scroll through the fund scanners to select. Define additional filter criteria as needed the "Save" in the bottom right corner. Your saved scanner is now shown in the "My Lists" section of the Scanners page. Additionally, add Mutual Funds columns directly