Interactive Brokers Lowers Fees for Stocks, Options Trading

GREENWICH, Conn., Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive Brokers LLC (IB), the technology leader in global brokerage services, is introducing a new pricing structure to trade equities where high-volume customers could be charged as little as $0.001 a share, plus all external fees or rebates that will be passed on to customers. IB is also introducing a new discount for large-volume options traders, with a charge of $0.50 per option contract for customers trading more than 10,000 contracts a month. The fee remains $0.75 per contract for those same options if the customer trades up to 10,000 contracts a month.

"We are introducing an unbundled price structure for equities trading along with a volume-based sliding scale, which translates into greater discounts for our customers who are active market participants," said IB Managing Director Steve Sanders. Under its new unbundled equity pricing structure that will be effective February 2, IB will charge from $0.0035 a share to as little as $0.001 a share based on volume. The IB unbundled fees do not include regulatory fees or exchange fees that vary among marketplaces and may include rebates from the exchanges and other venues that will be paid by Interactive Brokers to the customer.

Under the unbundled schedule, and based on monthly volume, IB customers will be charged:

For customers who prefer to pay a flat execution fee under the "all-in"bundled price structure that includes exchange and regulatory fees, IB is charging $0.005 a share. "The unbundled pricing structure is truly revolutionary in the sense that IB is setting the standard in terms of trading costs for institutions and other large-volume customers," Sanders also said.

"This will make it easier for institutions and other volume providers to enjoy the industry's leading direct-access global trading platform." Among the services that IB offers to its customers are:

IB witnessed a surge in volume for customers trading futures since it introduced an unbundled pricing structure to trade futures worldwide last October. Ranked #1 by Barron's as best software-based online broker with a maximum five-star rating for its most cost-effective trading fees, IB does not apply any ticket charge.

Isabelle Clary
Communication Director