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Dark Ice Algo

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Similar to an iceberg or reserve order, Dark Ice lets you specify a display size different from the order size that is shown in the market. Additionally, the Dark Ice algo randomizes the display size +/- 50% and, based on the calculated probability of the price moving favorably, decides whether to place the order at the limit price or one tick lower than the current offer for buy orders and one tick higher than the current bid for sell orders.

User Inputs

  • Display Size
  • Start Time/End Time
  • Allow trading past end time checkbox

Important Points

  • The start time and/or end time dictates when the algo will begin working and end working, regardless of whether or not the entire quantity has been filled.
  • If an End Time is specified, check Allow trading past end time to allow the algo to continue to work past the specified end time if the full quantity has not been filled.
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