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IB Products & Exchange - Euronext France (SBF)

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Exchange - Euronext France (SBF)

Exchange Hours Website
09:00-17:30 (CET)

Native to Exchange Simulated by IB
Good Till Cancel (stk)Adjustable Stop (iopt, stk, war)
Good Till Date (stk, war)Basket (iopt, stk, war)
Iceberg (stk, war)Conditional (iopt, stk, war)
Immediate Or Cancel (stk)Good After Time (iopt, stk, war)
Limit (iopt, stk, war)Good Till Cancel (iopt, war)
Limit On Close (stk)Good Till Date (iopt)
Limit On Open (stk)Good Till Time (iopt, stk, war)
Market (stk, war)Hidden (iopt, stk, war)
Market On Close (stk)Limit If Touched (stk)
Market On Open (stk)Market If Touched (stk)
Stop (stk, war)Market To Limit (stk, war)
Stop Limit (stk, war)One Cancels All (iopt, stk, war)
 Pegged To Benchmark (stk)
 Scale (iopt, stk, war)
 Trailing Stop (stk)
 Trailing Limit If Touched (stk)
 Trailing Stop Limit (stk)
 Trailing Market If Touched (stk)
(war) warrants     (bond) bonds     (fut) futures     (fop) options on futures     (opt) options     (stk) stocks

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