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Accumulate/Distribute Algo

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Accumulate Distribute Algo

By slicing your large order into smaller, non-uniform increments and releasing them at random intervals over time, the Accumulate/Distribute algo can help to achieve the best price for your large volume orders without being noticed in the market. In addition, the comprehensive interface allows a single trader to easily and effectively manage multiple large volume orders simultaneously.

  • Use the Relative order type to add liquidity, and take advantage of available
    exchange rebates.
  • Randomize submission time and order size to ensure your order is not noticed in the market.
  • Customize the algo conditions to define any level of complexity, from a straight-forward strategy to a multi-layered algorithm that randomizes price and timing and reacts to market movement and trends.
  • Multiple tabs with an aggregated order Summary page provide an efficient and simple-to-use interface that lets you create, manage and monitor groups of large-volume algo orders simultaneously.
  • Quick-glance summary data shows real-time order progress.
  • Seamless integration with TWS allows quick access to other trading and analytics tools, including ScaleTrader, the Integrated Stock Window and realtime charts.
  • Supports multiple asset classes including stocks, options, futures and forex and combinations.

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