Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Easy to view and customize, our statements and reports cover all aspects of your Interactive Brokers account.

  • Run and customize activity statements to view detailed information about your account activity, including positions, cash balances, transactions, and more.
  • Create reusable and customized statements that include only the information that you want to see.
  • Run trade confirmation reports to view all executions.
  • Download statements into a variety of different file formats, including XML, text and a variety of third-party software such as Quicken or MS Money.
  • Brokers and Advisors can run a number of specialized reports, including the Advisor Fee Cap report, Client Summary reports, Broker Exception reports, and more.
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Portfolio Analyst


Analyze the performance of your portfolio online by creating and saving customizable presentation-ready PDF reports.

  • Create and save reports based on a set of measurement criteria and optionally compare the data to selected industry benchmarks.
  • Create single-page snapshot PDF reports or multiple-page Detailed PDF reports . Detailed reports can contain one or more analyses, including allocation by sector or asset class, time period or cumulative performance, risk measures, and more.
  • Use the Performance Attribution report to explain differences between your portfolio and the S&P 500 Index due to asset allocation and/or return deviations from the index.
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Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tracks the quality of your orders' transaction prices versus market conditions either at the time the orders were submitted or after the trade executes.

  • Comprehensive metrics include all industry standard metrics in one place.
  • Generate reports on-the-fly for any date range – even today. Executions hit the reports in only 10 minutes.
  • Segment your trade activity across a host of different dimensions, and then interactively drill segments down to view individual trades.
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Transaction Cost Analysis
Tax Optimizer

Tax Optimizer

Manage your gains and losses for tax purposes with Interactive Brokers' Tax Optimizer.

  • Run real-time "what-if" scenarios to see how different lot-matching methods affect your gains and losses.
  • Choose from among several tax lot-matching methods, including LIFO, FIFO, Maximize Long-Term Gain, Maximize Long-Term Loss, Maximize Short-Term Gain, Maximize Short-Term Loss and Highest Cost.
  • Manually match specific lots to trades using the Specific Lot matching method.