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Agreement Governing Customer Access to The Marketplace@IB

Welcome to The Marketplace@IB. Please review the following Use Provisions and click "I agree" below to indicate your agreement.

The tools, information, and services (“The Marketplace@IB”) accessible through links on the Interactive Brokers LLC ("IB") website are prepared and offered by independent third-party providers (the “Third-Party Providers”). The Marketplace@IB includes, but is not limited to, trading systems, market data information, data analysis tools, training related to trading systems (including training regarding the use of IB's trading systems), consulting on specific products, analyst research reports, and other services regarding trading and markets in general.

I acknowledge that the Third-Party Providers are not affiliated with IB or its affiliates and that IB is not responsible for the Services provided by the Third-Party Providers. I understand that IB does not provide recommendations or advice and that any links to third-party websites are provided only for my convenience and do not constitute (i) a recommendation by IB to use any of The Marketplace@IB programs or (ii) a solicitation by IB to buy or sell any security or other investment product.

I agree to review the products and services provided by The Marketplace@IB Third-Party Providers either by conducting further research or by consulting an advisor. I will make my own judgment as to whether the content is appropriate for my individual circumstances before making investment decisions based upon any The Marketplace@IB program.

I understand that links that lead to The Marketplace@IB Third-Party Providers' websites are independent of IB and that IB does not provide a warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the Third-Party Providers or their websites. My use of The Marketplace@IB is at my own risk and IB is not liable to me for any damages arising from use of The Marketplace@IB.

I understand that the programs offered by Third-Party Providers on The Marketplace@IB may be protected by copyright law and agree not to reproduce or commercially exploit them without the written consent of the provider of the specific program. I understand that IB reserves the right to terminate access to The Marketplace@IB or any Third-Party Provider program without notice.

While IB is pleased to offer links to the Third-Party Provider programs through The Marketplace@IB, IB Customer Service does not support them. Please see the appropriate third-party website or contact the Third-Party Provider to obtain the proper support for any program.

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