How Do I Monitor My Account Balances, Activity and Performance?

IB provides multiple, customizable tools and resources to help you monitor the performance of your portfolio and measure it against popular benchmarks, see your real-time account balances, check P&L and margin requirements, and analyze and adjust your risk profile to keep your portfolio within the limits of your risk tolerance.

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Performance History

Compare your portfolio's performance to industry benchmarks

Log into IB's PortfolioAnalyst at any time to get a comprehensive snapshot of daily, monthly or quarterly performance, view a benchmark comparison, see the performance summary by risk measures, and view additional performance statistics including Cost Basis, Cash Flow and Mark-to-Market values. Save your reports as PDF files for easy downloading and printing.

Real-Time Balances

Access to centralized, real-time account information

The TWS Account window shows you all of your real-time balances and available funds, including Net Liquidation, Equity with Loan and Securities Gross Position values, Buying Power, and the Market Value, Realized, and Unrealized P&L for all of your positions.

Account Activity

Customizable downloadable activity statements and reports

Account activity statements are generated on a daily, monthly and annual basis and can be customized to include the information you find most important. In addition we provide daily margin reports, real-time trade confirmations, Value at Risk, Stress Test and other reports.

Margin Requirements

Real-Time access to current, look ahead, and overnight margin

The TWS Account window provides real-time current, look ahead and overnight margin requirements. In addition, the daily margin report shows margin details as of 16:15 the previous day, and provides these reports back as far as 90 days.

Risk Management

Sophisticated real-time portfolio risk management

The IB Risk Navigator is our real-time market risk management tool, which can help you quickly identify overexposure to risk starting from the portfolio level right down through industry, underlying and position views. Customers have free access to this tool through the Trader Workstation.

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