Secure Login with your Digital Security Card

It's easy to securely log into any IB application, including TWS, Account Management or WebTrader, using your Digital Security Card. Simply enter your pin into the device to generate a string of randomly-generated characters, and enter these characters into the Security Code field in the login box.

Digital Security Device

Digital Security Device
  1. Firmly press and hold the "press" button between thumb and index finger until the [ ] symbol displays in the digital display (about 2 seconds).
  2. Enter your four-digit PIN using the number pad and touch the OK button. The PIN is the number that you specified when you ordered your digital security card. The numbers and OK and C (for Clear) buttons are sensitive to light pressure held for a duration long enough to cause the digit to appear in the display.
    Note: you can only see the digit you just typed, and that each previous digit is replaced with a dash so that you can never see all the four digits on the digital display. For example, the display after the first three digits (of 1-2-3-4 pin) have been entered would appear as [ - - 3 _ ]
  3. When you have entered your PIN, tap OK to display the six-digit secure token passcode in the digital display.
    Note: The passcode will only display for around 15 seconds, and you must enter the passcode within 30 seconds; otherwise, please repeat steps 1-3 above.

NOTE: The Security Code field will look slightly different depending on the application you're logging into. "A" below shows the Account Management login. "B" shows the TWS login.

Security Device Login Samples