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Trader Workstation

TWS Download Instructions for Windows

To ensure that you are always running the latest version of TWS with the newest features (and for quickest access) we encourage clients to log into the Cloud-Based version using the Login menu located in the top right corner of the website. If you prefer to run TWS from your desktop to retain the current build (and run manual updates as needed), you can download the "standalone" version of TWS using the buttons below. Both versions require Internet access.

Upgrade to TWS Latest

TWS 9521 • Sep 10 2015 • Release Notes

TWS Latest is the most current version that contains all of the newest features. The Latest build is generally updated monthly.

Upgrade TWS

TWS 9395 • May 7 2015 • Release Notes

This time-tested version of TWS changes less frequently and offers maximum stability, but does not include all of the newest features.
NOTE FOR API USERS: This build of the TWS does not support API connections. Please use TWS build numbers 940 and above.