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TWS Standalone API

Install TWS API Components on Mac OS X

  1. To install the latest TWS API Version _968 for production MAC release on your computer, hold down the Apple Key and with your mouse, click the link below: http://interactivebrokers.github.io/downloads/twsapi_macunix.970.01.jar
  2. From the menu, click Download Link to Disk.
  3. Select Home and click Save. If you receive a message that an item with the same name exists, click Replace to ensure you always have the latest version).
  4. Access the command line terminal from the Applications menu. First select Utilities and then select Terminal.
  5. At the command line, create a directory called IBJts in the current directory by typing:
    jar xf twsapi_unixmac_968.jar
  6. To access the sample and source files, change to the IBJts directory and type:
    cd IBJts/

Click here for an instructional video for install the API Components.


For details on creating a Sample Java Client, refer to the directions we provide for Netbeans or Eclipse.