IB Universal Account®

IB Universal Account

The IB Universal Account allows you to trade multiple products around the world from a single account. You can trade stocks, options, futures, Forex, bonds and funds all from the same Trader Workstation screen, and your transaction history and positions are all reported on a single statement.

Trading around the world can be simple, because you are not required to open accounts in multiple currencies. Deposit a single currency in an account and when you want to trade a product denominated in another currency, a loan is created which is secured by your deposited currency. If you wish to eliminate the loan, you may do so at any time by trading currencies through our IB IDEAL network or depositing money in another currency. You will find that our currency exchange rates are much better than retail banks or exchange rates offered by the credit card companies.

For each account a single base currency designation must be made that determines an account's statement and margin requirement translation currency. However, deposits and withdrawals may be made in any non-base currency in AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, MXN, SEK or USD.


US IRA margin accounts are never allowed to borrow currency and must pay in full with the native currency of the asset. This may be accomplished by converting currency before the trade. Universal Account features are not available for multi-currency cash accounts. However, multi-currency cash accounts may trade in multiple currencies by trading currencies through our IDEAL network. See our Trading Permissions page for details.