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Statements and Reports Release Notes for March 2012

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Week Ending March 9, 2012

The enhancements and modifications below are available as of March 8, 2012.

Activity Downloads Updates

The Activity Downloads page has been redesigned to include all possible Date selections in a single drop-down. You can now select Daily, Monthly or Custom Date Range for each Activitiy Download from a single set of controls. If you select Custom Date Range, you enter a From and To date.

Previously, the Activity Downloads page was divided into two sections: one for Daily Activity Downloads and one for Monthly Activity Downloads, and Custom Date Range was not available.

  • Daily Captools Downloads are only available by request. Send your request to enable Captools downloads to Note that Captools downloads are not available to Non-Disclosed Broker Clients.

The enhancements and modifications below are available as of March 6, 2012.

Activity Statement Updates

Activity Statements have been updated with the following changes:

  • New codes have been added to closing trades for customers using the Tax Optimizer. If FIFO (First In, First Out) is not the tax lot-matching method used, then one of these codes will appear with a closing trade:
    • MLG - Maximize Long-Term Gain
    • MLL - Maximize Long-Term Loss
    • MSG - Maximize Short-Term Gain
    • MSL - Maximize Short-Term Loss
    • SL - Specific Lot

    Note that LI (Last In, First Out) and ML (Maximize Losses) are still available codes for closing trades. ML will appear with closing trades only for customers who have selected Maximize Losses as their default tax lot-matching method (tax basis) on the Tax Basis Declaration page in Account Management.
  • In the Notes/Legal Notes section, Note 6 has been modified. It now reads "Each closed lot indicated above with a reference to note (6) was chosen by the end of the trading day to be sold versus the specific opening purchase identified in that row."
Margin Report Updates

Additional legal notes have been added to Margin Reports for IB-UK, IB-UKL and IB-LLC customers.

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