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Our Advisor accounts let Professional Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) execute and allocate trades among multiple clients from a single order management interface.

Advisors who manage client accounts in excess of state registration minimums (generally 16 or more accounts and US $25 million in assets) must be registered under local regulatory law (e.g. Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) for US securities and Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA) for US commodities).

Advisor master account holders must be 21 or older.

Advisors enjoy the following benefits:

Advisor Structure Chart

Advisor Chart Structure
Advisor Getting Started PDF Guide
How to Become an RIA PDF Guide

IB's RIA Compliance Center

Basic information on the registration and compliance requirements facing investment advisors that includes a webinar on RIA compliance and PDF documents that spotlight major compliance topics.

IB's RIA Compliance Center

For information regarding your account, contact Interactive Brokers by clicking here.

For information on SIPC coverage on your account, visit or call SIPC at 1 (202) 371-8300.

  1. A new Advisor account whose country of residence is Canada can only manage Canadian client accounts.
  2. Includes Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates.

Interactive Brokers LLC is a member of NYSE, FINRA, SIPC