TWS Beta - 发行要点

Choose "Greeks" Type for Display in Performance Profile

A new selector in the Scenarios blade of the Performance Profile window lets you choose between displaying the "Instrument Greeks" that show the traditional contract Greeks, and the "Position Greeks" calculated using ( Greek value x position). "Position Greeks" are identified in the Scenarios panel with a "P" prefix, for example P.Delta etc. For strategies that use different underlyings, "Instrument Greeks" are not available and the selector is disabled.

Change Greeks Display Type

To use the Performance Portfolio analysis tool, click the "Profile" button below a strategy in the Strategy Builder. From your Watchlist or Portfolio, right-click a strategy and from the menu select Analytical Tools and then Performance Profile.

For more information on the Performance Profile tool, see the TWS Users' Guide.

Accumulate/Distribute Order Side

The Accumulate/Distribute Algo window has been modified to require a user to specify the order side (BUY or SELL) instead of offering a default order side.

To find out more about the Accumulate/Distribute algo, see the TWS Users' Guide


  • When changing a hedging contract for an Attached Delta Hedge order, the order side would flip and make the order invalid. This has been fixed.
  • We have made the Performance Portfolio sidecar attached to the Strategy Builder more useful by enlarging the Quote Details tile to display all data without needing to scroll, and by defaulting to today's data so that important data, specifically today's total delta and theta, are visible when the sidecar opens.
  • The "Average Price" calculation in partitioned portfolios was incorrect. This has been fixed.