Interactive Brokers Group Reports Estimated Currency Translation Effects for Second Quarter 2010

GREENWICH, CT, July 2, 2010 — Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ GS: IBKR) an automated global electronic market maker and broker, today reported the estimated effect of currency rate fluctuations during the second quarter of 2010.

We actively manage our global currency exposure by maintaining our equity in proportion to a defined basket of major currencies, which we refer to as the “GLOBAL”. Roughly half of our equity is denominated in currencies other than U.S. dollars. As a result, the U.S. dollar’s strengthening relative to other key currencies during this quarter had a negative effect on our market making earnings, which are reported in U.S. dollars.

In summary, the estimated GLOBAL translation effects (unaudited, in $ millions) for the quarter were as follows:

Note 1
Overall effect of the change in the value of the GLOBAL relative to the U.S. dollar (“USD”).

* IBG LLC is the holding company for the Group’s operating companies.

Note 2
Portion due to the change in the net worth of IBKR’s foreign subsidiaries, expressed in U.S. dollars, is displayed in the Consolidated Statement of Financial Condition as Other Comprehensive Income (“OCI”), pursuant to U.S. GAAP. For each subsidiary, this is calculated as

Total equity of subsidiary at 3/31/2010 multiplied by the change in the exchange rate between USD and the subsidiary’s reporting currency for the period 3/31/2010 to 6/30/2010.

The calculation of estimated OCI for the Group’s principal foreign operating companies – Timber Hill Europe AG (“THE”), Timber Hill Canada Company (“THC”) and Timber Hill Australia Pty Limited (“THA”) – is as follows:

Note 3

Expected impact of currency movements on reported earnings is the remainder of the GLOBAL effect after subtracting the portion that will be reflected in the Statement of Financial Condition (see Note 2 above). This is calculated as follows (in $ millions):

Our Approach to Currency Exposure Management

As a result of our international market making activities and accumulated earnings in our foreign subsidiaries, our income and net worth is exposed to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Our European operations and some of our Asian operations are conducted by our Swiss subsidiary, Timber Hill Europe AG (“THE”). THE is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority as a securities dealer and its financial statements are presented in Swiss francs. Accordingly, THE is exposed to certain foreign exchange risks as described below:

Historically, we have taken the approach of not hedging the above exposures, based on the notion that the cost of constantly hedging over the years would amount to more than the random impact of rate changes on our non-U.S. dollar balances. For instance, an increase in the value of the Swiss franc would be unfavorable to the earnings of THE but would be counterbalanced to some extent by the fact that the yearly translation gain or loss into U.S. dollars is likely to move in the opposite direction.

In late 2005, we began to expand our market making systems to incorporate cash forex and forex options in order to hedge our currency exposure at little or no cost. In 2006, we began hedging our currency exposure throughout the day on a continuous basis. In connection with the development of our currency hedging strategy, we have determined to base our net worth in GLOBALs. We define GLOBAL as consisting of 55 U.S. cents, 24 Euro cents, 10 Japanese yen, 3 British pence, 4 Canadian cents and 3 Australian cents. With the growth of our international operations, we foresee including other currencies in our definition of the GLOBAL. As our forex market making systems continue to develop, and as more exchanges trade more forex-based products electronically, we expect more trading volume to flow through this system and, accordingly, we expect to be able to manage the risks in forex in the same low cost manner as we currently manage the risks of our market making in equity-based products.

More information, including historical results for each of the above metrics, can be found on the investor relations page of the Company’s corporate web site,

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Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:
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