Market Participant Identifiers (MPIDs) and Interactive Brokers

SEC Regulation SHO requires that upon receipt of a short sale order involving U.S. equity securities (“stocks”), Interactive Brokers LLC (“IB”), as executing broker, identify the location of the shares that are to be delivered in time for settlement of the trade.

If an IB customer does not clear its trades through IB, but uses a separate clearing broker or custody agent, the customer must arrange with its clearing broker or custody agent to borrow the shares that are to be delivered in time for settlement of the short sale transaction, and indicate to IB the location of these shares. The location will be the customer’s clearing broker or custody agent which may have a valid MPID assigned by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or the customer may request that IB assign a four letter location code.

Below is a list of valid FINRA MPIDs or IB Assigned Location Codes most commonly used by those IB customers who use a clearing broker or custody agent other an IB:

Clearing Broker FINRA Valid MPID IB Assigned Location Code
Bank of New York BONY  
Societe General New York   SGNY
Brown Brothers Harriman BBHC  
Swiss American Securities Inc. SWIS  
Interactive Brokers LLC IBKR  
First Clearing, LLC FCCP  
Ameritrade Inc. FOMA  
Penson Financial Services, Inc. PFSI  
Goldman Sachs (formerly, LIT Division of FOC) GLDS  
Bear Stearns Securities Corp. BSSC  
USAA Investment Management Company USAA  
E*Trade Clearing LLC ETRS  
CIBC World Markets Corp. CWMK  
Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing, LP. GLDS  
Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corp. PRST  
Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. DBPR  
Fiserv Securities Inc. BHCS  
PAX Clearing Company Limited Partnership PXCO  
Scott & Stringfellow, Inc. BBNT  
McDonald Investments, Inc. MDLD  
JP Morgan Chase Bank JPMS  
Citibank, N.A. CGQT  
State Street Bank and Trust Company SSBS  
The Bank of New York – James Capel BONY  
RBC Dominion Securities, Inc./CDS RBCF  
NBCN Clearing, Inc./CDS   NBCN
Barclays Capital Inc. BCAP  
ABN AMRO Sage Corporation (California) SGCL  

In addition to the above, click here to view a list of valid MPIDs published by FINRA.

If you use a clearing broker or custody agent which does not have an FINRA assigned MPID or an IB Assigned Location Code on the above list, click here to send an e-mail to IB to indicate the name of your clearing broker or custody agent and suggest a four letter code to indicate the location of the shares you have arranged to borrow for delivery in connection with your short sale order. IB will review your request to add the four letter code in lieu of a valid MPID.

  1. IB’s systems are configured to reject any short sale order that does not contain a valid MPID in FIX Tag 5700.
  2. If IB is also the customer’s clearing broker, FIX Tag 5700 will automatically be populated with IBKR, which is Interactive Brokers’ MPID.